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Natural gas refueling simulation: The key to more effective CNG filling

Is it important for you to know how fast you can empty or fill your CNG tank with your particular CNG mixture, without exceeding the permissible limit values? Do you want to take into account any number of boundary conditions and their effects on the result, while avoiding the linear increase in costs due to the high number of experiments?

Then we have the solution for you! With the aim of developing more efficient procedures for storage, transport and consumption, our customers benefit from our world leading expertise in the simulation of gas refueling. You can thereby improve your understanding of the complex thermodynamic processes which occur, reduce the susceptibility to errors and thus cut the development, maintenance and operating costs of your systems.
Since the chemical composition of natural gas, depending on where it is from, varies considerably, you can benefit from our extensive material database, which through the implementation of DIN EN ISO 12213 can draw on the material values of any required natural gas mixture. Furthermore we are well acquainted with SAE 981398 “CNG Fuel Cylinder Storage Efficiency and Economy in Fast Fill Operations” and have experience of DIN 51624 “Compressed Natural Gas – Requirements and test methods”.
The accompanying picture shows an example of natural gas refueling computed with the aid of our simulation model. The picture shows the influence of the Joule-Thomson effect, which cools the natural gas mixture accordingly (temperature at the entrance to the tank), as well as the increase in temperature of the gas in the tank during refueling. In summary, you thereby have an impression of the load on the material experienced by the system during refueling and can also determine the level of filling at any stage in the refueling process.
Many of our customers ask e.g. the following questions:

  • Will the natural gas mixture in the tank get too hot in summer during refueling?
  • How cold will the CNG tanks get if they are emptied in winter?
  • Are there any restrictions on the filling or emptying rates of the tanks due to temperature changes?

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