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Matlab Services

Every MATLAB user is different, this is why we have put together the following MATLAB support packages for you. What would you prefer?

Support in the introduction of MATLAB

Now you have bought the software, we will be at your side, providing you with expert support in your first steps with the new system. We are your own personal MATLAB support. In the form of an intensive course, we will teach you to simulate or program with MATLAB and, together with you, we will create a MATLAB model corresponding to your individual problem. You don’t need to worry about the physical background and can get started productively even faster. [read more]

Customer-specific in-house training courses

When you start using MATLAB Simulink, we will hold a MATLAB training course at your company premises or at our offices, showing you all the basics you need for simulating with MATLAB. No matter whether you need to directly transfer and implement an existing model to MATLAB Simulink or whether we are building an entirely new MATLAB model with you. Subsequently, you will receive the documentation with your code – including all formulas – in MS PowerPoint or in a MATLAB tutorial put together especially for you. [read more]

MATLAB Support on Demand

You know what you’re doing and feel confident when simulating or programming with MATLAB. But now again you have questions or come up against your limits. We are happy to share our years of experience in the operation and application of MATLAB Simulink with you. In 2014 alone, we realized more than 80% of our customer projects with MATLAB Simulink and COMSOL Multiphysics. [read more]

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