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Start the MATLAB simulation even faster – we will help you with the introduction of MATLAB, offer you training courses for MATLAB Simulink or support you in the creation of your first MATLAB model. This way you can save time and money and can start the MATLAB simulation effectively straightaway. MATLAB Simulink beginner? You have bought the software –  and now? You want to get started with the MATLAB simulation, but you don’t know how?MATLAB Now you have two options: As a Certified MATLAB Simulink Consultant, we will help you with the introduction of MATLAB at your company premises, create the first MATLAB model with you, and support you in your first steps with the new system. It’s like we are your own personal MATLAB support department. As an alternative to individual MATLAB training courses, we also offer MATLAB training courses for you and your colleagues. Our lecturers are experienced engineers and scientists, including specialists from the aerospace industry. Or you may already work with MATLAB Simulink every day, and want this training course to supplement your customer projects. This guarantees you important practical relevance and know-how from six years of user experience. Or you fiddle about and try it out, have a go at building your first MATLAB model and learn the hard way. This will cost you a great deal of time and patience. What would you prefer? Your advantages:

  • You will receive a finished MATLAB model which you can use to get started with the MATLAB simulation immediately after the course
  • With a short introduction to MATLAB, you will be able to use MATLAB Simulink effectively sooner
  • You can learn tips and tricks directly from a professional
  • You don’t have to learn the hard way

  You have particular questions as an experienced MATLAB Simulink user? In many research and development departments at well-renowned companies, over the years, experts have developed mature models in different programming languages or different CAD systems. Now these models are to be transferred to MATLAB Simulink, to make them more user-friendly. Or one of these experts is going to retire. What happens now to their body of knowledge and the code they have developed? The top priority is to secure and build on their knowledge. Together with you, we will establish the physical interrelationships and, with an appropriate MATLAB training course or a MATLAB tutorial, we will support you in the systematic transfer to MATLAB Simulink. Every MATLAB Simulink user is different, this is why we have put together the following MATLAB support packages for you:

  • MATLAB Simulink Support on demand
  • MATLAB programming, including model transfer (models in appropriate programming language or CAD models)
  • Customer-specific MATLAB training courses (individually or in a group)

Your advantages:

  • Faster ad hoc MATLAB support when required – just give us a call when you need support
  • Save time when programming with MATLABSimulink
  • Rapid guidance on how to systematically transfer models to MATLAB Simulink

Feasibility study You want to buy a new simulation software, but you don’t know which one? You want to try before you buy and check that MATLAB programming can be used for your particular problem? Old models from other systems are to be carried over into MATLAB Simulink, but you’re not sure if it really makes sense to do so? No problem, we are happy to advise you and will carry out a feasibility study for you. We will quickly give you feedback on whether MATLAB or Simulink is suitable for you and if introducing it makes sense. Your advantages:

  • Save costs and time when doing your own research
  • Dependable and meaningful results and recommendations regarding the introduction of MATLAB Simulink

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