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Optimized Cooling of Electric Motors

Wenger Engineering GmbH is a modeling specialist in the field thermodynamics. Our customer has the task of optimizing the cooling of electric motors. We were able to support him with extensive multidimensional thermal simulations. Electric motors have numerous sources of losses during operation which escape in the form of heat: resistance losses, hysteresis losses, magnetic losses, frictional losses, etc. Depending on the speed and power, these losses occur in different places and need to be counteracted by active cooling, to prevent the magnetic material being damaged. An important factor is that magnetic material which is able to withstand high temperatures is much more expensive than temperature-sensitive material. Kuehlung_von_Elektromotoren For our customer we have achieved the following:

  • A very good understanding of the thermodynamic conditions in his motors;
  • Optimization of the cooling process – leading to significant savings both in production and in material costs;
  • Optimization of the power/weight ratio – thanks to the improved cooling it was possible to design smaller and lighter motors;
  • A comprehensive range of new motors – the customer can now evaluate new types of motors quickly and reliably with regard to their cooling requirements.

For this project we have used the following software packages:

  • Simulink
  • Comsol Multiphysics
  • MS Excel

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